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Recent Posts:

The Juris Whitepaper

Juris started with a lot of research into emerging technology at the bleeding edge of legal technology. With blockchain, developers are using self-executing “smart contracts” to build things for decentralized networks like Ethereum. On these networks the rules are different, and jurisdiction is not established. 

This is our proposal to build a decentralized, verifiably fair solution for the disputes every lawyer knows will arise. A system that will work within the legal system, and increase access by factors.

The Juris Protocol Whitepaper is the culmination of nearly five years of study, by a team of lawyers, developers, and scholars.

Our eBook:

“How a Blockchain Works and What it Can Do (in plain english)”

Before we could consider solutions, we had to understand the technology and what had changed… as lawyers.

We found ourselves spending a lot of time helping people understand blockchains from a legal perspective. So we wrote an eBook.

This one is also free, but if you’re this interested, we’ll want to send you updates. Actual updates, not spam.

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