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Experience the same software that powers our self-help tools, supercharged for professionals.


Client Records

At the core of the Juris platform is our client record system. The dashboard allows you to easily add any client, send letters on their behalf, track outcomes, track sessions, and schedule automatic reminders for your clients so you don’t have to follow up with them.

Letter Templates

Select from Juris template demand letters to take action quickly on behalf of your clients. Our simple interface allows you to skip the step-by-step and easily fill out the details while you are in touch with your client, and letters are sent and tracked automatically with one click.

And more...

This is just the start. Our platform features a number of additional tools to help you do more with your clients and with your team.

  • Bulk Letter Discounts

    Know that you'll be sending a lot of letters on behalf of your clients? Great! Our letter credit system will let you pay for them all at once, and get a discount.

  • Team Dashboard

    Our team dashboard features make it easy for teams of counselors to work together, track team metrics, and pay for letters from a team wallet.

  • Custom Letter Editor

    Lawyers and professionals who have verified their credentials will be able to use our custom letter editor to generate fully bespoke letters.

  • Ethereum Ready

    We believe in the future of the decentralized web, so we've built it in. Connect your Ethereum wallet for additional security and privacy features.

Lawyers, we've got something special for you.

Let’s call this one a deep deep beta. At Juris we have a vision for the future of legal work, and we’re building the tools to make it a reality. Verify your legal credentials to unlock additional tools. Or use the button to learn a bit more first.