Because of Coronavirus and COVID-19, millions of people are unable to work.

Soon, they will be unable to pay bills.

Automatically mail a custom letter to tell your senator(s) to vote for a debt holiday, for less than the cost of a coffee.

How It Works:


Auto draft your unique letter.

Choose a Senator to write to. Answer a few questions to personalize your message. Check out your auto-generated letter.


Keep the movement going!

If your letter is sponsored, it's free! If not, it's just $2.47. Sponsor other people's letters to keep the movement going!


Sit back while we handle the rest.

We'll print, package, and mail your letter. We'll even let you know when it lands on your Senator's desk in about a week.

Don't worry, we offset the carbon footprint of our letters by 10x through our partners:

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