The Juris Blog is Back.

If you’ve been following Juris since the beginning, you’ll know that things started with our team writing about the changes we wanted to see. (You can still check that stuff out on our publications page, btw.) We’ve been building for a while, and now we’ve got a lot more to say. A blog is way easier than publishing whitepapers and ebooks, and so we say:

Welcome back to the Juris Blog! (The Juris Podcast isn’t far behind.) We’re going to be publishing stuff here regularly. You’ll get perspectives from our work as technologists at the edge of access to justice, questions from our users, legal health tips, and conversations with founders working on technology in the same space. In fact, we never stopped writing, so we’ve already got a bunch of content we’ve produced as we’ve been working on our first tools, DebtLetter and DepositLetter.

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Thanks for reading!

~ Adam