Debt collectors harassing you?
It's time to take action.

Are debt collectors contacting you about a debt you don’t owe? Are they bothering you at all hours or making threats? Juris can help you take action to make it stop in as little as 5 minutes.

Do more without a lawyer.

Juris helps simplify and resolve legal disputes so you can take action without a lawyer or financial counselor. Our simple automated process will help you prepare and send a tailored demand letter. This is the same first step a lawyer or financial counselor would take. Then Juris will automatically help you follow up with next steps when the time is right.

How it works:

Step 1

Take 5-10 minutes to give us the details of your dispute by filling out our automatic interview.

Step 2

Juris will automatically generate a demand letter tailored to your situation and the applicable law.

Step 3

You can download a free copy of your letter, or Juris will mail and track your letter automatically for $9.

And the benefits don't stop there...

Juris helps you handle the ongoing process.

  • Quick Action

    Sometimes actions are time sensitive. Choose to send your letter through Juris and we will mail it right away so you don't have to worry about rushing to the post office before you run out of time to act.

  • Automatic Reminders

    The Juris system will set automatic follow-up reminders so you don't have to worry about setting a 30 day timer to wait for next steps. Our system will automatically check in to make sure you don't miss a deadline.

  • Credit Repair Follow Up

    If there is no response from the debt collectors, Juris can also generate, mail, and track letters for the major credit bureaus to present the evidence and request credit score repair.

  • Violation Tracking

    If debt collectors continue to break the law by contacting you after you have sent a letter, they may owe you a fine. Our violation tracking tool helps to determine when this is the case so you can take further action.

Counselor? Lawyer?
Use Juris to do even more.

Counselors, coaches, and lawyers: join our platform beta to access more powerful tools. Our pro tools will allow you to send letters on behalf of clients, track delivery and outcomes, and set follow-up and check-in reminders.

Working with a non-profit?

Juris is a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation focused on using technology to increase access to justice. If you work at a non-profit, or B-Corp financial or legal services organization we would love to support you. Please contact us for special pricing, partnership opportunities, and free letters.