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Harness the power of the legal letter.

The first step in any legal dispute is to make your case in writing by sending a letter.

Here’s a secret, right from the lawyer’s playbook — most of the time a good demand letter is all it takes to win.

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Illegally withheld funds recovered with Juris:


How Juris Assistants Work.

They send letters.

1. Answer

Take 5-10 minutes to answer online questions about your situation.

2. Approve

Approve your unique letter that cites the appropriate laws and legal rights.

3. Send

Sit back as we automatically print your letter, mail it, and send you delivery updates.

Now, also harness the power of the IMPACT letter.

You’re consistently being told you should write to your representatives to  make your voice heard. We know because you told us.

Now, you can use Juris to send letters to your representatives, to fight for issues you care about.

Don't see your cause?

Impact letters delivered already:


And one last thing...

Because it just make sense. We’ve made it so you can use our system to mail anything you want.

Upload a document and we’ll print, pack, mail and track it. And if you’re a pro, skip the post office and get all of this with our MailRoom package.


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Or just use the tool that started it all...


Single Letter Pricing

Get your security deposit back.

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The team behind Juris.

We are a team of lawyers and technologists using technology to make the world more fair.

Co-Founder, CEO

Adam J. Kerpelman, JD

Co-Founder, CTO

Konstantin Brazhnik

Co-Founder, CGO

Damien J.

Co-Founder, GC

Saul E. Kerpelman, Esq

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Juris is a Public Benefit Corporation because we want to change the world.

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Why access to justice matters.

78% of Americans

don’t get any formal help with their civil legal disputes.

4 Billion People

worldwide can’t rely on their governments to protect their legal rights.

Working at a non-profit?

Juris is a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation focused on using technology to increase access to justice. If you work at a non-profit, or B-Corp financial or legal services organization we would love to support you. Please contact us for special pricing, partnership opportunities, and free letters.

A tenet of our mission holds that we shall succeed at the expense of nobody. We believe this includes our planet as well. We have partnered with another startup called Wren to offset our carbon impact.

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