The Internet's Dispute Resolution System

Welcome to Juris, where we’re building the next evolution of dispute resolution and legal tools. We think technology should allow people to do more without a lawyer, and allow lawyers and counselors to do even more for their clients.

Our Tools

DebtSettle is our first tool, built to handle debt collection disputes. Complete a 5 minutes online interview and our system sends the collector a tracked demand letter triggering a robust set of legal protections for the sender. In most cases the collector will simply go away. Through technology we are able to offer this tool at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer.

Juris Pro is our platform for professional counselors, coaches, and lawyers. Here they have access to tools to supercharge their impact. From the pro dashboard you can handle multiple client records, send interview links, and manage teams, all with the same simple letter creation, mailing and tracking that powers tools like DebtSettle. 

Why We Care

78% of Americans

deal with their civil legal disputes without any formal help because existing options are too costly and too slow.

4 Billion People

worldwide are excluded from the rule of law, which means they can’t rely on their governments to protect their legal rights.

The Team Behind Juris

We are a team of lawyers and technologists who believe in making the world more fair by using technology to increase access to justice.

Co-Founder, CEO

Adam J. Kerpelman

Co-Founder, CTO

Konstantin Brazhnik

Co-Founder, GC


Co-Founder, chairman

Saul E. Kerpelman

Working with a

Juris is a mission driven Public Benefit Corporation focused on using technology to increase access to justice. If you work at a non-profit, or B-Corp financial or legal services organization we would love to support you. Please contact us for special pricing, partnership opportunities, and free letters.